Underground Utilities

Conducting underground utility work can be a dangerous job if you don’t know what you’re doing; it’s why you shouldn’t trust just anyone to handle it for you. If you need assistance with underground utility trenching and installation, then you should call on the professionals from Liden Land Development & Excavation Inc. for help. We’ve been providing these services for more than 15 years and have almost a century’s worth of collective experience with underground utility work.

We offer a variety of services for underground utility work. Specifically, we have the equipment and the staff to provide you with water mainlines, fire mains, fire hydrants, live taps, sanitary sewer mainline piping and structures, stormwater piping and structures, underground power trenching, retention ponds, rain gardens, storm filters and more.

We operate in a safe manner and own our own trench shields, manhole boxes, steel sheeting and other safety equipment for our deeper projects.

Liden Land Development & Excavation Inc. is also committed to doing what we can to limit our carbon footprint. We’ve made it our mission to help the planet by recycling any debris and materials that are left over at the end of jobs whenever possible.

Reach out to Liden Land Development & Excavation Inc. at 360-286-6129 today for additional information on our underground utility services.